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The XYZ section of the Oxford English Dictionary, published in 1921, does not include the word, but a later supplement notes the use of 'yob' as meaning 'boy' in the working-class youth context, from 1859. In the dictionary supplement's references, it is possible to detect a slow drift in the word's meaning, towards the 'ruffian' interpretation, the new emphasis becoming clear from about 1927.

'Yobbo' appears from 1922 onwards; originally its meaning did not clearly emphasise the ruffian. Its meaning drifted clearly towards the 'ruffian' interpretation by 1956, though an article from 1938 calls a yobbo a 'street rough'.

In Britain today this word is sometimes superseded by the newer term "chav".

It is not unknown for a girl or woman to be described as a yob by the British media.

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