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List Of Boxing Sextuple Champions - Recognition - Major Sanctioning Bodies
... They are arranged in order of foundation World Boxing Association (WBA) - founded in 1921 World Boxing Council (WBC) - founded in 1963 International Boxing Federation (IBF) - founded in 1976 World Boxing ...
List Of Puerto Rican Boxing World Champions - Current Titleholders
... Name Organization Division Date won José Pedraza World Boxing Council Super featherweight (Youth) December 30, 2011 Jonathan González World Boxing Organization Flyweight (Interim Youth ...
Cecilia Brækhus
... She is currently the undefeated World Champion in Welterweight in the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, World Boxing Organization and World Professional Boxing ...
List Of Light-welterweight Boxing Champions
... This is a chronological List of World Super Lightweight/Light Welterweight/Junior Welterweight Boxing Champions, as recognized by four of the better-known sanctioning organizations The World Boxing ...
List Of Boxing Sextuple Champions - Recognition - Minor Sanctioning Bodies
... They are International Boxing Organization (IBO), International Boxing Association (IBA), International Boxing Council (IBC), International Boxing Board (IBB), International ... Note The International Boxing Association (IBA) is not to be confused with the International Boxing Association (AIBA), a French acronym for Association Internationale de Boxe ... The National Boxing Association (NBA) was established in 1984 and is not to be confused with the original National Boxing Association that was established in 1921 and changed its name to World Boxing Association (WBA ...

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    I can entertain the proposition that life is a metaphor for boxing—for one of those bouts that go on and on, round following round, jabs, missed punches, clinches, nothing determined, again the bell and again and you and your opponent so evenly matched it’s impossible not to see that your opponent is you.... Life is like boxing in many unsettling respects. But boxing is only like boxing.
    Joyce Carol Oates (b. 1938)

    If the Third World War is fought with nuclear weapons, the fourth will be fought with bows and arrows.
    Louis, 1st Earl Mountbatten Of Burma Mountbatten (1900–1979)