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William Pitt - Other Uses
... William Pitt Union, the student union at the University of Pittsburgh William Pitt Debating Union, a debating society at the University of Pittsburgh William Pitt (1804), a sailing ship built and launched in ...
Leleiohoku I
... William Pitt Leleiohoku I (March 31, 1821 – October 21, 1848) was a Hawaiian noble during the Kingdom of Hawaii who married two notable princesses and served as Royal ... Iron Pillar of Hawaii and took the English name of William Pitt after his contemporary William Pitt the Younger of England ... He had a son William Pitt Kīnaʻu from his second wife ...
List Of Honorary Freemen Of The City Of London
... The first to be so honored was William Pitt the Elder in 1757 ... on 15.12.2006) George Arthur Robert Baden-Powell Raymond Baxter (awarded in 1978) Edward Berry William Booth (awarded on 26.10.1906) See also Report on Salvation Army website Louis Botha (awarde ... awarded on 16.04.1907) Lasse Lehtinen (awarded on 21.09.2007) Ferdinand de Lesseps William Lidderdale (awarded in 1891) Charles Lindbergh David Lloyd George (awarded on 27.04.1917) Nelson Mandela (award ...
Marie Pitt - Life
... Pitt's maiden name was McKeown. 1887, and married the Tasmanian farmer and miner William Pitt in 1893 with whom she lived in Tasmania, the Western Australian goldfields, Bairnsdale again and ... William Pitt died in 1912 of a miners' disease ...

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    The little I know of it has not served to raise my opinion of what is vulgarly called the “Monied Interest;” I mean, that blood-sucker, that muckworm, that calls itself “the friend of government.”
    William, Earl Of Pitt (1708–1778)