What is symbolic?

  • (adj): Serving as a visible symbol for something abstract.
    Example: "The spinning wheel was as symbolic of colonical Massachusetts as the codfish"
    Synonyms: emblematic, emblematical, symbolical
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Symbolic - Other Uses
... The Symbolic, contrasted with The Imaginary and The Real in the work of Jacques Lacan Symbolic (Death album), an album by the band Death Symbolic (Voodoo Glow Skulls album), an album by the ...
Systems Theory In Anthropology - Closed Systems - Practice Theory
... This idea precisely challenges the reductive approach of economism that places symbolic interest in opposition to economic interests ... Bourdieu attempts to close this gap by developing the concept of symbolic capital, for instance, a prestige, as readily convertible back into ...
Symbolic Racism
... Symbolic Racism (modern-symbolic racism, symbolic prejudice) is a theorized set of beliefs in which the subject covertly or unconsciously views an entire race as symbolized by an ... The theory of symbolic racism proposes that, in response to public abhorrence of overt racism, prejudice has gone underground, finding its expression in more subtle forms, which may sometimes manifest through ... According to the symbolic racism model, bigots of the current era will cloak their racist sentiments under the guise of statements or actions supposedly in defence of ...
Symbolic Racism - History
... Symbolic racism is a term that was coined by David Sears John McConahay (1973) to explain why most White Americans supported principles of equality for Black Americans but less than half ... While equal rights are fought for vehemently, symbolic racism is still prominent today in the United States and possibly acts as a mask for old-fashioned racism ... Symbolic Racism was the first described form of modern racism, which has now come to include aversive racism and racism stemming from ambivalent prejudice ...
Symbolic Stars
... In Chinese astrology, the symbolic stars (Chinese Shen Sha 神煞, pinyin shén shā) represent different relations of the specific positions and ... The symbolic stars" is sometimes translated literally, as "gods and devils" but in fact, the symbolic stars do not relate to any ghosts and celestial beings— in this case ... The calculation of the symbolic stars is logically connected to the theory of Yin and Yang, Five Elements, Ten Gods theory, Na Yin melodic elements theory, Twelve ...

More definitions of "symbolic":

  • (adj): Relating to or using or proceeding by means of symbols.
    Example: "Symbolic logic"; "symbolic operations"; "symbolic thinking"
    Synonyms: symbolical
  • (adj): Using symbolism.
    Example: "Symbolic art"

Famous quotes containing the word symbolic:

    The act of bellringing is symbolic of all proselytizing religions. It implies the pointless interference with the quiet of other people.
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)

    I find it profoundly symbolic that I am appearing before a committee of fifteen men who will report to a legislative body of one hundred men because of a decision handed down by a court comprised of nine men—on an issue that affects millions of women.... I have the feeling that if men could get pregnant, we wouldn’t be struggling for this legislation. If men could get pregnant, maternity benefits would be as sacrosanct as the G.I. Bill.
    Letty Cottin Pogrebin (20th century)

    The symbolic view of things is a consequence of long absorption in images. Is sign language the real language of Paradise?
    Hugo Ball (1886–1927)