What is surface area?

  • (noun): The extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary.
    Synonyms: area, expanse

Surface Area

Surface area is the total area of the faces and curved surface of the a solid figure. Mathematical description of the surface area is considerably more involved than the definition of arc length or polyhedra (objects with flat polygonal faces) the surface area is the sum of the areas of its faces. Smooth surfaces, such as a sphere, are assigned surface area using their representation as parametric surfaces. This definition of the surface area is based on methods of infinitesimal calculus and involves partial derivatives and double integration.

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Some articles on surface area:

Chambre De Bonne
... The rooms usually have a surface area of around 6-12 m2, which is sometimes accentuated by being in a garret ... century, the French government stipulated that all rental properties must have a minimum surface area of 9 m2, a volume of 20 m3, and openings (windows, doors, etc.) equivalent to an ...
Spine Apparatus - Morphology
... flattened cisternae, the spine apparatus has a large surface area which is beneficial for its function ... Benefits of the large surface area of the spine apparatus include increased electronic properties of the spine and contribution to longitudinal resistance of the cytoplasm ... apparatus structure allows for dynamic changes in the surface area of the spine plasma membrane ...
Lake Mistassini
... in French Lac Mistassini) is the largest natural lake by surface area in the province of Quebec, Canada, with a total surface area of approximately 2,335 kmĀ² and a net area (water surface area only) of 2,164 ...
Advantages of Common Utility Ducts
... Even if parallel, trenches occupy more surface area ... The surface area they use encumbers the area available for all forms of property development and construction with the burden of avoiding or moving the utilities ... greatly increasing the volume of network resources per unit of surface area occupied ...
Surface Area - In Biology
... See also Surface-area-to-volume ratio The surface area of an organism is important in several considerations, such as regulation of body temperature and digestion ... use their teeth to grind food down into smaller particles, increasing the surface area available for digestion ... lining the digestive tract contains microvilli, greatly increasing the area available for absorption ...

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