What is ribbon?

  • (noun): Notion consisting of a narrow strip of fine material used for trimming.
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A ribbon or riband is a thin band of material, typically cloth but also plastic or sometimes metal, used primarily as decorative binding and tying. Cloth ribbons are made of natural materials such as silk, velvet, cotton, and jute and of synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon and polyproylene. Ribbon is used for innumerable useful, ornamental and symbolic purposes. Cultures around the world use ribbon in their hair, around the body, and as ornamentation on animals, buildings, and packaging. Some popular fabrics used to make ribbons are satin, organza, sheer, silk, velvet and grosgrain.

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Some articles on ribbon:

Royer Labs
... Royer Labs is a microphone company that some consider to be one of the foremost manufacturers of ribbon microphones ... opinion is that Royer has combined the traditional warmth of vintage ribbon microphones with modern output levels ... While older ribbon microphones had a great sound, the ribbons were weak and would break easily ...
Ribbon Yarn
... Ribbon or tape yarn is a kind of novelty yarn ... It is made of ribbon, but generally not the kind of ribbon used in sewing and millinery ... Rather, they are ribbons made especially for knitting or crocheting, with some in a tubular form, some woven flat, and some similar in appearance to bias tape ...
Ribbon Symbolism
... Pieces of ribbon are used as symbols of support or awareness for various social causes and are called "awareness ribbons" ... Ribbons are used in some ceremonies, such as in a ribbon cutting ceremony ... Ribbons also find use in gift wrapping, symbolic reference to the opening of a new event etc ...
The Sponge - Quotes
... his breath) George! Walker #1 Hey, where's your ribbon? Kramer Oh, I don't wear the ribbon ... Walker #2 You don't wear the ribbon? Aren't you against AIDS? Kramer Yeah, I'm against AIDS ... I mean, I'm walking, aren't I? I just don't wear the ribbon ...
Medal Of Bravery (Canada) - Design
... This medallion is worn on the left chest, on a 31.8mm wide ribbon coloured red with three vertical blue stripes for men, hung from a bar, and for women, on a ribbon bow, both pinned to the ... granted a medal bar, in silver and bearing a maple leaf, for wear on the ribbon from which the original medal is suspended ...

More definitions of "ribbon":

  • (noun): A long strip of inked material for making characters on paper with a typewriter.
    Synonyms: typewriter ribbon
  • (noun): Any long object resembling a thin line.
    Example: "A mere ribbon of land"; "the lighted ribbon of traffic"
    Synonyms: thread

Famous quotes containing the word ribbon:

    I have taken the ribbon from around my neck and hidden it somewhere on my person. If you find it, you can have it. You are free to look for it any way you will, and I will think very little of you if you do not find it.
    Stanley Kubrick (b. 1928)

    For this your mother sweated in the cold,
    For this you bled upon the bitter tree:
    A yard of tinsel ribbon bought and sold;
    A paper wreath; a day at home for me.
    Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892–1950)

    perpetually crouched, quivering, upon the
    sternly allotted sandpile
    Mhow silently
    emit a tiny violet flavoured nuisance: Odor?

    o no.
    comes out like a ribbon lies flat on the brush
    —E.E. (Edward Estlin)