What is precept?

  • (noun): Rule of personal conduct.
    Synonyms: principle
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Golden Rule - Religion and Philosophy - The Way To Happiness
... The negative/prohibitive form is expressed in Precept 19 as 19 ... —The Way to Happiness, Precept 19 The positive form is expressed in Precept 20 as 20 ... —The Way to Happiness, Precept 20 ...
Precept - Higher Education
... Princeton University uses the term precept to describe what many other universities refer to as recitations large classes are often divided into several smaller discussion sections called precepts, which are led ... Precepts or recitations usually meet once a week to supplement the lectures and provide a venue for discussion of the course material ...
Pinchas (parsha) - Commandments - According To Sefer Ha-Chinuch
... The precept of the laws of inheritance The precept of the regular olah offering, sacrificed every day The precept of the musaf offering on the Sabbath The precept ...
Five Precepts (Taoism)
... The Five Precepts in Taoism (Chinese 五戒 Pinyin Wu Jie Cantonese Ng Gye), constitute the basic code of ethics undertaken mainly by Taoist lay-cultivators ... there are more advanced and stricter precepts ... These precepts are very similar to the Buddhist Five Precepts, but with minor differences ...
Precept Ministries International
... Precept Ministries International is an interdenominational Christian evangelical organization based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, since its establishment in 1970 ... Precept Ministries also publishes books and Bible studies in nearly 150 countries and 70 languages ... Precept Ministries was founded in 1970 by Jack and Kay Arthur, a married couple who had recently returned to Chattanooga from a posting as missionaries in Mexico ...

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Famous quotes containing the word precept:

    His talk was like a spring, which runs
    With rapid change from rocks to roses:
    It slipped from politics to puns,
    It passed from Mahomet to Moses;
    Beginning with the laws which keep
    The planets in their radiant courses,
    And ending with some precept deep
    For dressing eels, or shoeing horses.
    Winthrop Mackworth Praed (1802–1839)

    If ever I should condescend to prose,
    I’ll write poetical commandments, which
    Shall supersede beyond all doubt all those
    That went before; in these I shall enrich
    My text with many things that no one knows,
    And carry precept to the highest pitch:
    I’ll call the work ‘Longinus o’er a Bottle,
    Or, Every Poet his own Aristotle.’
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)

    This laudable quality is commonly known by the name of Manners and Good- breeding, and consists in a Fashionable Habit, acquir’d by Precept and Example, of flattering the Pride and Selfishness of others, and concealing our own with Judgment and Dexterity.
    Bernard De Mandeville (1670–1733)