What is perpa trade center?

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List Of Tallest Buildings In Europe - Tallest Proposed European Skyscrapers
1011 56 Ipek Yolu Istanbul 60 ... Municipality Center Istanbul 60 ... Lilium Tower Warsaw 76 ... Palais Lumière - Venice Venice 820 ... ? Porta Varsovia Warsaw ...

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    Everything that explains the world has in fact explained a world that does not exist, a world in which men are at the center of the human enterprise and women are at the margin “helping” them. Such a world does not exist—never has.
    Gerda Lerner (b. 1920)

    The last job I had, I had to take it out in trade and this is no butcher shop—not yet, anyhow!
    Robert Pirosh, U.S. screenwriter, George Seaton, George Oppenheimer, and Sam Wood. Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush (Groucho Marx)