What is old age?

Old Age

Old age consists of ages nearing or surpassing the average life span of human beings, and thus the end of the human life cycle. Euphemisms and terms for old people include seniors (American usage), senior citizens (British and American usage), older adults (in the social sciences), and the elderly.

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Some articles on old age:

Social Security In France - Allowances By Branch - Old Age - Minimum Old-age
... Established in 1956, the minimum age is a guarantee for any old person residing in France to receive a minimum amount to live on ... In the special schemes, the pension is paid regardless of age ... Before that age, widows and widowers are eligible for insurance widowhood ...
Vitiligo - Notable Cases
... of Italian Republic Yvette Fielding, British TV presenter, has had vitiligo from age 11 her mother developed it at age 24 ... has been diagnosed with vilitigo since the age of 5 ...
Emperor Wu Of Han - Biography - Further Territorial Expansion, Old Age, and Paranoia
... In 112 BC, a crisis in the Kingdom of Nanyue (modern Guangdong, Guangxi, and northern Vietnam) would erupt that would lead to military intervention by Emperor Wu ... At that time, the King Zhao Xing (趙興) and his mother Queen Dowager Jiu (樛太后) — a Chinese woman whom Zhao Xing's father Zhao Yingqi (趙嬰齊) had married while he served as an ambassador to Han — were both in favor of becoming incorporated into Han ...
New Age
... The New Age movement is a Western spiritual movement that developed in the second half of the 20th century ... The New Age movement includes elements of older spiritual and religious traditions ranging from monotheism through classical pantheism, naturalistic pantheism, pandeism, panentheism, and polytheism ... New Age practices and philosophies sometimes draw inspiration from major world religions Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese folk religion, Christianity, Hinduism ...
Old Age - Assistance and Care
... However around 25% of individuals 85 and older say that they need help with their activities of daily living ... There are many options for long term care to those who require it ...

Famous quotes containing the word age:

    The two great things yet to be discovered are these—The Art of rejuvenating old age in men, & oldageifying youth in books.—Who in the name of the trunk-makers would think of reading Old Burton were his book published for the first to day.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    Even such is Time, which takes in trust
    Our youth, our joys, and all we have,
    And pays us but with age and dust,
    Who in the dark and silent grave
    When we have wandered all our ways
    Shuts up the story of our days.
    And from which earth, and grave, and dust,
    The Lord shall raise me up I trust.
    Sir Walter Raleigh (1552–1618)