What is learn?

  • (verb): Commit to memory; learn by heart.
    Synonyms: memorize, memorise, con
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Some articles on learn:

Bedok View Secondary School - Ethos, Uniform and Discipline
... The school believes that all students can learn and want to learn, though they may learn differently ...
Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois - Training Timeline - Week Six
... During Week Six, recruits learn shipboard damage control and firefighting skills ... Recruits will learn to escape smoke-filled compartments, open and close watertight doors, use self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs), carry fire hoses ...
Souvenirs (The Gathering Album) - Personnel
... A Life All Mine" Kristin Fjellseth - choirs on "You Learn About It" Wouter Planteijdt - electric and acoustic guitars on "These Good People" and "You Learn ...
Morse Code Mnemonics
... It is strongly discouraged to try to learn morse code with such mnemonics ... You may be able to learn the table quite rapidly but this will not make anyone able to hear and decode morse code, unless at very slow speed ... The recommended method to learn morse code is to use the Koch method ...
House Of Understanding - Rooms
... Actors and dancers learn their talents in these rooms ... In the Room of Faces, students learn various methods of understanding body language ... in the lines around a lovers mouth." The Room of Arms Students of this Room learn skill with weapons and hand-to-hand combat ...

More definitions of "learn":

  • (verb): Be a student of a certain subject.
    Synonyms: study, read, take
  • (verb): Impart skills or knowledge to.
    Synonyms: teach, instruct
  • (verb): Acquire or gain knowledge or skills.
    Synonyms: larn, acquire

Famous quotes containing the word learn:

    Consciousness never deceives.... We learn the influence of our will from experience alone. And experience only teaches us, how one event constantly follows another; without instructing us in the secret connexion, which binds them together, and renders them inseparable.
    David Hume (1711–1776)

    I owe everything to a system that made me learn by heart till I wept. As a result I have thousands of lines of poetry by heart. I owe everything to this.
    George Steiner (b. 1929)

    When you’ve been blind as long as I have, you learn to see through your senses. I can’t explain it exactly, but you get a feeling about people when you meet them. You see a picture of them in your mind. Not just what they look like, but what they really are. You see them much more clearly than you do with your eyes. Maybe that’s why they say looks are deceptive.
    —George Bricker. Jean Yarbrough. Helen Page (Jane Adams)