What is Herbert?

  • (noun): United States musician and composer and conductor noted for his comic operas (1859-1924).
    Synonyms: Victor Herbert

Famous quotes containing the word herbert:

    The classicist, and the naturalist who has much in common with him, refuse to see in the highest works of art anything but the exercise of judgement, sensibility, and skill. The romanticist cannot be satisfied with such a normal standard; for him art is essentially irrational—an experience beyond normality, sometimes destructive of normality, and at the very least evocative of that state of wonder which is the state of mind induced by the immediately inexplicable.
    —Sir Herbert Read (1893–1968)

    True beauty dwells on high: ours is a flame
    But borrowed thence to light us thither.
    Beauty and beauteous words should go together.
    —George Herbert (1593–1633)

    Whether I flie with angels, fall with dust,
    Thy hands made both, and I am there:
    Thy power and love, my love and trust
    Make one place ev’rywhere.
    —George Herbert (1593–1633)