What is disputation?

  • (noun): The formal presentation of and opposition to a stated proposition (usually followed by a vote).
    Synonyms: debate, public debate
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In the scholastic system of education of the Middle Ages, disputations (in Latin: disputationes, singular: disputatio) offered a formalized method of debate designed to uncover and establish truths in theology and in sciences. Fixed rules governed the process: they demanded dependence on traditional written authorities and the thorough understanding of each argument on each side.

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Post Disputation Argument
... A post disputation argument is an argument in which one party attempts to alter their view on the disputed facts after the answer has already been discovered by an outside medium ... This is a post disputation argument ... A post disputation argument is considered manipulative in the sense that often it is not used to clarify a party's initial stance but to change it so they appear correct after the truth has been discovered ...
Disputation in The Bible
... The word disputation occurs twice in the King James Version of the Bible ... When therefore Paul and Barnabas had no small dissension and disputation with them, they determined that Paul and Barnabas, and certain other of them, should go up to Jerusalem unto the apostles and elders about ...
Balthasar Hubmaier - Reformer and Anabaptist
... in Zürich, Hübmaier met with Huldrych Zwingli, and even participated in a disputation there in October of that same year ... In the disputation, he set forth the principle of obedience to the Scriptures, writing, “In all disputes concerning faith and religion, the scriptures alone, proceeding from the mouth of God, ought to be ... While a prisoner, Hubmaier requested a disputation on baptism, which was granted ...
Heidelberg Disputation
... The Heidelberg Disputation was held at the lecture hall of the Augustianian order on April 25, 1518 ... This disputation also led to Johann Eck challenging Luther to the Leipzig Debate ...
Disputation Of Tortosa - Disputation's Proceedings - Beginnings
... At the start of the disputation on February 7, 1413, Joshua Lorqui (Geronimo) presented the debate's principal points and the prohibition incumbent ... They also repeated the statement of Nahmanides in his own disputation that he is not obligated to believe in Aggadah, which led Geronimo to depict them as heretics by their own ... Ha'Ikarim ("Book of Fundamental Principles"), which Rabbi Yosef Albo wrote following the disputation ...

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Famous quotes containing the word disputation:

    The Scripture was written to shew unto men the kingdom of God; and to prepare their minds to become his obedient subjects; leaving the world, and the Philosophy thereof, to the disputation of men, for the exercising of their natural Reason.
    Thomas Hobbes (1579–1688)

    There is no call for indignation or resentment at anyone whatsoever inquiring, holding,
    or propounding views concerning the divine, for it is not the authority of the disputant, but
    the truth of the disputation that is in the request.
    Marcus Minucius Felix (2nd or 3rd cen. A.D.)