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... Consider can refer to Consider (MUD), a capability in some MUDs Consider magazine, a student run publication at the University of Michigan Consider This, an album by country ...

More definitions of "consider":

  • (verb): Deem to be.
    Example: "I consider her to be shallow"
    Synonyms: see, reckon, view, regard
  • (verb): Show consideration for; take into account.
    Example: "You must consider her age"
    Synonyms: count, weigh
  • (verb): Take into consideration for exemplifying purposes.
    Example: "Consider the following case"
    Synonyms: take, deal, look at
  • (verb): Look at carefully; study mentally.
    Synonyms: view, look at
  • (verb): Give careful consideration to.
    Example: "Consider the possibility of moving"
    Synonyms: study
  • (verb): Regard or treat with consideration, respect, and esteem.
    Example: "Please consider your family"
  • (verb): Look at attentively.
    Synonyms: regard