What is chinaware?

  • (noun): Dishware made of china.
    Synonyms: china


Chinese ceramic ware shows a continuous development since the pre-dynastic periods, and is one of the most significant forms of Chinese art. China is richly endowed with the raw materials needed for making ceramics. The first types of ceramics were made during the Palaeolithic era. Chinese Ceramics range from construction materials such as bricks and tiles, to hand-built pottery vessels fired in bonfires or kilns, to the sophisticated Chinese porcelain wares made for the imperial court. Porcelain is so identified with China that it is still called "china" in everyday English usage.

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Golestan Palace - Palaces - Talar Zoroof
... All the chinaware that were dedicated to Qajar kings by the European kings were taken to this room and was arranged in show cases which were built for this purpose ... All the chinaware that exists in this room is rare and beautiful. 2- The chinaware dedicated by King Nicoli the first ...