What is applicant?

  • (noun): A person who requests or seeks something such as assistance or employment or admission.
    Synonyms: applier

Some articles on applicant, applicants:

Stargate School - Admission
... The waiting list is sorted by factors including Whether the applicant has a sibling enrolled, Whether the applicant is a child of a qualified Stargate employee, Whether the applicant lives within the ...
Citizens Charter In Local Governments In Kerala - Procedure For Obtaining Services
... by the Secretary or the Officer concerned and the details such as the name of the applicant, the date of receipt of the application, the request in the application etc ... receipt shall be issued to the applicant recording therein the probable date on which the service may be rendered, the name of the Officer whom the applicant may approach in ...
Saudi Arabian Passport - Passport Issuance Procedures
... Before an applicant is issued a passport he must sign his name ... If an applicant is a woman or an unmarried minor under age 21, a male guardian is also required to sign their passport to authorise the aspirant passport holder to travel ... An applicant also must show a national ID card ...
Maritime Security Identification Card - What Does The Application Process Involve?
... Once an applicant has lodged their application, the issuing body will confirm the applicant's identity, confirm the applicant's operational need for an MSIC, request a background check ...
Application For Employment - Application Sections
... Applications usually ask the applicant at the minimum for your name, phone number, and address ... as well as any special skills the applicant might have ... Educational background is important to companies because by evaluating applicants’ performance in school tells them what their personality is like as well as their intelligence ...

Famous quotes containing the word applicant:

    We have two kinds of “conference.” One is that to which the office boy refers when he tells the applicant for a job that Mr. Blevitch is “in conference.” This means that Mr. Blevitch is in good health and reading the paper, but otherwise unoccupied. The other type of “conference” is bona fide in so far as it implies that three or four men are talking together in one room, and don’t want to be disturbed.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)