Western Ukraine

Western Ukraine or West Ukraine (Ukrainian: Західна Україна) is a geographical and historical relative term used in reference to the western territories of Ukraine. Important cities are Lviv, Halych (hence - Halychyna), Chernivtsi, Uzhhorod, others.

Western Ukraine is not an administrative category within Ukraine. It is mentioned mainly in the context of European historiographes pertaining to the 20th century conflicts and the ensuing period of annexations. The current oblast administration borders are almost perfectly aligned with the administrative divisions of Second Polish Republic before the 1939 invasion of Poland and the incorporation of Western Ukraine into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (УРСР) by the Soviet Union. Unlike the rest of Ukraine, Western Ukraine was never a part of the Russian empire.

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Savella Stechishin
... Stechishin was born in Tudorkovychi, Lviv Oblast, of Western Ukraine (Galicia), and her family emigrated to Canada in 1913, settling in Krydor ... She also lectured around North America and in Western Ukraine (Polish Galicia) before it was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1939 ... women's publications in North America and Western Ukraine, and wrote for the Canadian Consumer Information Service during the Second World War ...
Kyryl Studynsky - Biography
... Following the annexation of Western Ukraine by Poland, along with many other Ukrainian professors he was released from the University of Lviv by the Polish authorities ... the 1920s and was a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the Ukrainian SSR during the time of Ukrainization within the Ukrainian SSR ... against the Holodomor and was expelled from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine the following year ...
Western Ukraine - See Also
... Eastern Ukraine Central Ukraine West Belarus. ...
Soviet Annexation Of Western Ukraine, 1939–1940 - Annexation of Polish Territory
... Soviet troops under the command of Marshal Semyon Timoshenko, the Soviet forces occupied Western Ukraine within 12 days, capturing the regions of Galicia and Volhynia with little Polish opposition and ... elites tended to join the opposition, despite supporting the unification of Ukraine ... in the villages in order to organize one-list elections to the People's Assembly of Western Ukraine ...
Kolomyia - History - 20th Century - Part of Soviet Union and World War II
... The accession of the Western Ukraine to the Soviet Union (Reunion of Western Ukraine and USSR) - the adoption of the Soviet Union in Western Ukraine with the adoption of an ... The decision to file motions stipulated in the Declaration "On joining of Western Ukraine in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic" adopted by the People's Assembly of Western Ukraine in Lviv ... Session of the Supreme Soviet of USSR decided "Accept Western Ukraine in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, and thus reunite the great Ukrainian people in a unified Ukrainian ...

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