Union Vale, New York - Communities and Locations in Union Vale

Communities and Locations in Union Vale

  • Camby – A location in the northeast part of the town.
  • Chestnut Ridge – A location at the east town line.
  • Clove – A hamlet near the town center.
  • Clove Mountain – An elevation west of Clove village.
  • Crouses Store – A location in the southwest part of the town.
  • Lagrangeville– A hamlet in the southwestern corner of the town that Union Vale shares with the towns of Lagrange and Beekman.
  • Hoxie Corner – A location southwest of Verblank.
  • North Clove – A location northeast of Clove.
  • Pleasant Ridge – A location in the southeast part of the town.
  • Verbank – A hamlet near the north town line.
  • Verbank Village – A hamlet west of Verbank.
  • Oswego - A former hamlet, later a ghost town, in the northwestern part of the town, north of LaGarngeville and south of Verbank, now part of the hamlet of Moores Mills, shared with the town of LaGrange. A historic marker set of the state government marks the spot of the former hamlet. The Oswego Meeting House and Friends' Cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

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