Ukrainian may refer to:

  • Something of, from, or related to Ukraine
  • Ukrainians, people from Ukraine or of Ukrainian descent
  • Something relating to Ukrainian culture
  • Ukrainian language, an East Slavic language and the official state language of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian cuisine

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Ukrainian Latin Alphabet - History
... Ukrainian was occasionally written in the Latin script as far back as the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, in publications using the Polish and Czech alphabets ... In the nineteenth century, there were attempts to introduce the Latin script into Ukrainian writing, by Josyp Łozynśkyj, a Ukrainian scholar and priest from Ľviv (Josyp ... The use of the Latin script for Ukrainian was promoted by authorities in Galicia under the Austrian Habsburg Empire ...
Georgiy Gongadze - Name Spelling Disambiguation
... Ґонґадзе (Heorhiy or Giia Gongadze) in Ukrainian, and Георгий Гонгадзе (Georgiy Gongadze) in Russian ... Ukrainian officials often refer to him as Heorhiy Honhadze, as per the pronunciation of the letter Г (H) in Ukrainian, but not of the letter Ґ (G) ... After a recent linguistic reform, Ukrainians have recovered the letter Ґ (Ghe with upturn) for G, a letter which had been banned during the Soviet Union ...
Georgiy Gongadze - Career
... of the Soviet Union, Gongadze was the son of a Georgian politician father and a Ukrainian nurse mother ... after the election." Visiting New York in January 2000 with other Ukrainian journalists, he warned of "the strangulation of the freedom of speech and information in our state." In April 2000, Gongadze co ... chief prosecutor about harassment from the SBU, the Ukrainian secret police, directed towards himself and his Ukrayinska Pravda colleagues and apparently related to an ...
Georgiy Gongadze - Crises and Controversy
... The affair became an international crisis for the Ukrainian government during 2001, with the European Union expressing dissatisfaction at the official investigation, rumors of ... Mass protests again broke out in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities in September 2002 to mark the second anniversary of Gongadze's death ... Gongadze's death became a major issue in the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election, in which the opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko pledged to solve ...
Ukrainian Latin Alphabet
... A Latin alphabet for the Ukrainian language (called Latynka) has been proposed or imposed several times in the history in Ukraine, but has never ... It is currently promoted as a way of facilitating the Ukrainian integration within the European Union ... In Ukrainian Ukrayins’ka Latynka or Latynytsia (Українська Латинка, Латиниця) ...