Tulane University Marching Band - Green Wave Brass Band

Green Wave Brass Band

The Green Wave Brass Band (GWB) formed in 2009 under the management of Mark Lighthiser as the TUMB's own take on the traditional New Orleans brass band Though still evolving, the band's style generally emulates the raw street funk of such local groups as Rebirth Brass Band. It is a small-scale ensemble usually composed of 1-2 trumpets, 1-2 saxophones, and 1-2 trombones, a tuba, and a drummer (with bass and snare drums), though these positions rotate from a pool of members who come largely from the TUMB. The band performs around the Superdome during the 3rd quarter of Tulane football games for fans and employees alike. The band regularly performs at public and private events around New Orleans, including bars, conventions, charity benefits, and a brief TV appearance in the opening of the Tulane-themed college week episode of CNBC's Mad Money in 2011.

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