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List Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction Treaties
... A variety of treaties and agreements have been enacted to regulate the use, development and possession of various types of weapons of mass destruction ... Treaties may regulate weapons use under the customs of war (Hague Conventions, Geneva Protocol), ban specific types of weapons (Chemical Weapons Convention, Biological Weapons Convention), limit weapons research (Part ... The history of weapons control has also included treaties to limit effective defense against weapons of mass destruction in order to preserve the determent doctrine of mutually assured ...
Litoral Department - Treaties
... Subsequently signed the treaty of 1874, which establishes the final boundary between the two nations the parallel 24 °, provided that during the period of 25 years shall not impose new taxes to the Chilean people and companies based in the area ... Chile was willing to move down the coast from the desert to allow Bolivia a sovereign outlet to the ocean, under the conditions seen before, eliminating the regime of common interests of the treaty of 1866. ...
List Of Choctaw Treaties
... List of Choctaw Treaties is a comprehensive chronological list of historic agreements that directly or indirectly affected the Choctaw people, an American Indian tribe, with ... Choctaw land was systematically obtained through treaties, legislation, and threats of warfare ... Treaties were made with Great Britain, France, and Spain ...
Spanish Conquistadors - History - Treaties
... The known means of measuring longitude were so inexact that the line of demarcation could not in practice be determined, subjecting the treaty to diverse interpretations ... Both the Portuguese claim to Brazil and the Spanish claim to the Moluccas (see East Indies#History) depended on the treaty ...
Law Of Spain - Sources of Law - Relationship Between EC and Spanish Law
... hierarchy of sources, which places international treaties at a higher level than the law ... For the former the Constitution is supreme, whereas for the latter the Treaties are supreme ... In practice, the only time in which the Constitution and Treaties conflicted, the Constitution was modified to be in line with the Treaties ...

Famous quotes containing the word treaties:

    There are secret articles in our treaties with the gods, of more importance than all the rest, which the historian can never know.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The admission of Oriental immigrants who cannot be amalgamated with our people has been made the subject either of prohibitory clauses in our treaties and statutes or of strict administrative regulations secured by diplomatic negotiations. I sincerely hope that we may continue to minimize the evils likely to arise from such immigration without unnecessary friction and by mutual concessions between self-respecting governments.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    The fate of the State decides theirs: clauses of treaties determine their affections.
    Pierre Corneille (1606–1684)