The Apprentice (U.S. Season 8) - Episodes - Episode 7

Episode 7

Task 7
  • Airdate: April 12, 2009
  • Task sponsor: LifeLock
  • Task scope: Both teams must design in-store displays for an identity-theft protection company.
  • Athena project manager: Brian McKnight
  • KOTU project manager: Natalie Gulbis
  • Judges: Donald Trump; George H. Ross; Ivanka Trump
  • Winning team: KOTU
  • Reason for win: KOTU had the more interesting display and product packaging. Executives also liked the idea of having the celebrities endorsing their product.
  • Losing team: Athena
  • Reason for loss: While Athena had a better presentation, their packaging looked cheap and they did not introduce anything new to the display.
  • Sent to the boardroom: Brian McKnight, Melissa Rivers, Brande Roderick
  • Fired: Brian McKnight - for letting another teammate, Annie Duke, take the reins during the task and for admitting that he had lost his desire to continue in the process.
  • Notes:
    • At the beginning of the episode, most of the celebrities were shocked when Khloé Kardashian was fired simply because of her past DUI arrest.
    • For this task, Brian McKnight was placed on the Athena team.
    • Natalie Gulbis won $20,000 for her charity.
    • Despite a personality conflict with Clint Black during the last task, Joan Rivers was able to work with Clint and her opinion of him improves. Joan and Melissa Rivers both switch their ire to Annie Duke, with whom they have discussed fellow team members.
    • Joan Rivers continues her extreme protection of Melissa Rivers, including threatening to quit the show if Melissa is fired. Clint Black asked Joan what she would do if she and Melissa ended up facing off against each other in the final, but Joan refused to answer the question.
    • Jesse James became increasingly ill with a stomach flu throughout the episode.
    • The second half of this episode featured the beginnings of the next task, which was completed in Episode 8. Piers Morgan, the winner of the first Celebrity Apprentice competition was introduced as a surprise guest observer of the subsequent task.
    • There were many personality conflicts between Joan Rivers and Annie Duke, along with Melissa Rivers' attitude among others.
    • Trump lets the celebrities know that he hates people who choose to drink and drive. This primarily explains his firing of Khloé.

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