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A Jain temple is the place of worship for Jains, the followers of Jainism. Some famous Jain temples are Shikharji, Palitana Jain Temples, Ranakpur Jain Temple, Shravan Belgola, Dilwara Temples and Lal Mandir. Jain temples are built with various architectural designs. Jain temples in North India are completely different from the Jain temples in South India, which in turn are quite different from Jain temples in West India. Additionally, a Manastambha (meaning column of honor) is a pillar that is often constructed in front of Jain temples.

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Rashtrakuta Dynasty - Culture - Architecture
... art and architecture are reflected in the splendid rock-cut cave temples at Ellora and Elephanta, areas also occupied by Jain monks, located in present day ... Cave temples occupied by Hindus are from later periods ... Amoghavarsha I espoused Jainism and there are five Jain cave temples at Ellora ascribed to his period ...
Culture Of Rajasthan - Architecture
... is famous for the majestic forts, intricately carved temples and decorated havelis, which were built by kings in previous ages ... Jantar Mantar, Dilwara Temples, Chittorgarh Fort, Lake Palace Hotel, City Palaces, Jaisalmer Havelis are part of the architectural heritage of India ... Jain temples dot Rajasthan from north to south and east to west ...
List Of Jain Temples
... There are many Jain Tirtha or pilgrimage sites throughout the Indian subcontinent, many of which were built several hundred years ago ... Many of these temples are classified according to Jain sects ... Many Jain Temples are found in other areas of the world ...
Deogarh, Uttar Pradesh - Monuments - Jain Temples
... The fort temples are dominated by the Jain temples in the eastern part of the hill fort the jaina images here are mostly of the "iconographic and the stylistic variety" ... The Jain temples have a large number of panels depicting scenes from Jain mythology, Tirthankara images and votive tablets ... The pillars are carved with a thousand Jain figures ...
Bhojpur, Madhya Pradesh - Places of Historical, Archaeological and Religious Interest - Jain Temples
... Bhojpur also has an unfinished Jain temple containing a 6 meter-tall statue of Shantinath and two statues of Parshvanath (left) and Suparasnath (right) ... The same temple complex hosts shrine for Ācārya Mantunga who wrote Bhaktamara Stotra ...

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