Teaching and Learning Research Programme

Teaching And Learning Research Programme

The Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP) is the United Kingdom's Economic and Social Research Council's largest investment in education research. It was initiated in 2000 and is expected to end in 2011. The programme incorporates 700 researchers in 70 projects, which cover all education sectors - from Early Years to Higher Education and Workplace Learning. The TLRP researchers work closely in partnership with practitioners to ensure the application of findings to policy and practice.

During the project an interest emerged in Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL). It began with a call for proposals in 2006, additional funding having been made available by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The TEL research strand is now the main focus of the TLRP.

The TLRP-TEL programme is based at London Knowledge Lab. The generic Teaching and Learning Research programme was based at the Institute of Education, University of London.

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