Symbolic Racism

Symbolic Racism (modern-symbolic racism, symbolic prejudice) is a theorized set of beliefs in which the subject covertly or unconsciously views an entire race as symbolized by an abstract group with certain negative attributes (e.g., that set of black people who are always trying to be lazy) rather than as a collection of specific individuals (e.g., the full set of people with black skin), and in so doing dehumanizes the entire group as a whole, without being racist in a classical sense towards the individuals within that group.

The theory of symbolic racism proposes that, in response to public abhorrence of overt racism, prejudice has gone underground, finding its expression in more subtle forms, which may sometimes manifest through socialization and therefore transpire without elements of conscious awareness. According to the symbolic racism model, bigots of the current era will cloak their racist sentiments under the guise of statements or actions supposedly in defence of noble and important values.

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... people in America found old-fashioned (or “Jim Crow”) racism dissolving along with segregation ... Symbolic racism is a term that was coined by David Sears John McConahay (1973) to explain why most White Americans supported principles of equality ... While equal rights are fought for vehemently, symbolic racism is still prominent today in the United States and possibly acts as a mask for old-fashioned racism sentiments ...

Famous quotes containing the words racism and/or symbolic:

    Few white citizens are acquainted with blacks other than those projected by the media and the so—called educational system, which is nothing more than a system of rewards and punishments based upon one’s ability to pledge loyalty oaths to Anglo culture. The media and the “educational system” are the prime sources of racism in the United States.
    Ishmael Reed (b. 1938)

    The symbolic view of things is a consequence of long absorption in images. Is sign language the real language of Paradise?
    Hugo Ball (1886–1927)