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We Have Survived
... "We Have Survived" is a song originally performed by No Fixed Address ... "We Have Survived" is considered to be an Aboriginal anthem and an "anthem of cultural persistence" ...
Secret Story 2008 (France) - Contestants - Alexandra
... On Day 15 Alexandra was up for eviction and she survived with 62.33% of the vote ... On Day 29 she was up for eviction for the second time and once again survived with 43.9% of the vote ... On Day 43 Alexandra survived her third public vote in a row after receiving 72% of the vote ...
Mietek Grocher
... Mietek Grocher is a Polish Jewish author and speaker who survived The Holocaust ... in his 1996 book Jag överlevde (English translation I survived) ... As a teenager during World War II, Grocher survived the gas chamber and nine concentration camps including Buchenwald and Majdanek ...
Man O Man (UK Game Show) - Show Results - Special 2 (15 August 1998)
... Name Round 1 Dancing Round 2 Kissing Round 3 Singing Round 4 "Hunks in Trunks" 1 Sam Survived Survived Survived Winner 2 Glenn Eliminated 3 Mark Survived Eliminated ...
Selton Hill Ambush - Ambush
... were seen by a badly wounded IRA officer, who survived, to use rifle butts on the skulls of two wounded men." He also says that the location of the column was given to the local D/I of the RIC by a doctor who had ... The IRA Officer who survived was Bernie Sweeney, from Ballinamore ... He survived by hiding in a drain, and the cold water prevented him bleeding to death ...

Famous quotes containing the word survived:

    The two-party system has given this country the war of Lyndon Johnson, the Watergate of Nixon, and the incompetence of Carter. Saying we should keep the two-party system simply because it is working is like saying the Titanic voyage was a success because a few people survived on life-rafts.
    Eugene J. McCarthy (b. 1916)

    How has the human spirit ever survived the terrific literature with which it has had to contend?
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    You survived because you were the first.
    You survived because you were the last.
    Because alone. Because the others.
    Because on the left. Because on the right.
    Because it was raining. Because it was sunny.
    Because a shadow fell.
    Wislawa Szymborska (b. 1923)