Supreme Allah

Supreme Allah (real name Kevin Ketchum) is a fictional character of the HBO drama Oz. He is portrayed by Lord Jamar of hip hop group Brand Nubian.

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Supreme Allah - Season 4 Part II
... Supreme Allah is released from isolation after it is determined there is not enough evidence to convict him of murder ... Meanwhile Burr Redding tells Augustus Hill that Supreme told the cops where he was the night he got arrested to avoid going to jail himself ... Furious, Hill attacks Supreme Allah in the shower and is thrown out of his wheelchair and beaten by Supreme instead ...
Homeboys Of Oz - Season 4 Part I
... Mondo Browne, Leroy Tidd and new inmate Supreme Allah who is looking to lead both the Muslims and Homeboys ... Episode 4.7 “A Town Without Pity” – Supreme Allah threatens Arif and more Black inmates come into Emerald City courtesy of Querns and Adebisi when the Gays are transferred out ... murder Nate Shemin and Mondo Browne successfully framing Supreme Allah for the murder ...
Arnold "Poet" Jackson - Season 4 Part II
... lieutenant and sets up an attempted murder on Supreme Allah, who has been expelled from the Homeboys ... Poet schedules a visit with Tug Daniels, the brother of Supreme Allah's murder victim, and smuggles a knife made from a sharpened toothbrush into the visiting room ... Allah narrowly survives Tug's attack, however Daniels is sentenced to prison for attempted murder, and Warden Leo Glynn sends Poet, protesting his innocence, into solitary confinement as punishment for assisting Daniels ...
Capital P - Episode List - Season 4 (2000–2001)
... Arif sees Kevin Ketchum, aka Supreme Allah, as a threat but Adebisi sees him as an ally ... Supreme Allah is released and makes a deal with Pancamo and Morales to kill Redding, Redding explains to Hill that he ratted him to cops years ago ... Supreme Allah arranges for Hill to kill Redding, whom Redding disowns ...

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