St. Peter's Abbey, Saskatchewan - Abbots


Priors of St. Peter's Priory

  • Alfred Mayer, O.S.B. (1901-1906)
  • Bruno Doerfler, O.S.B. (elected 1906)

Abbots of the Territorial Abbey of Saint Peter-Muenster

  • Bruno Doerfler, O.S.B. (1911 Appointed - 1919 Died)
  • Michael Ott, O.S.B. (1921 Appointed - 1926 Died)
  • Severinus Giacomo Gertken, O.S.B. (5 Oct 1926 Confirmed - 1960 Died)
  • Jerome Ferdinand Weber, O.S.B. (28 Jun 1960 Confirmed - 15 Jun 1990 Retired)
  • Peter Wilfred Novecosky, O.S.B. (19 Oct 1990 Confirmed - 14 Sep 1998 Resigned)

Abbots of St. Peter's Abbey

  • Peter Novecosky, O.S.B. (1998)

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