Spenser is an alternative spelling of the British surname Spencer. It may refer to:

Geographical places with the name Spenser:

  • Spenser Ecological District in New Zealand
  • Spenser Mountains, a range in the northern part of South Island, New Zealand

People with the surname Spenser:

  • Edmund Spenser (c. 1552 – 1599), English poet
  • John Spenser (1559–1614), president of Corpus Christi College, Oxford

People with the given name Spenser:

  • Spenser St. John (19th century), Haitian diplomat
  • Spenser Wilkinson (1853–1937), British military writer

In popular culture:

  • Spenser (character), a fictional private investigator
  • Spenser: For Hire, a mystery television series
  • Spenser: Small Vices, a television film

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Bad Business
... Parker's most famous creation, Boston-based private investigator Spenser, and is the 31st novel in the series ... In this novel, Spenser is hired by a wealthy women to gather evidence on her husband's infidelity ... Soon, due to Spenser's investigation, homicides start occurring ...
Alexander Gooch And Alice Driver - Alice Driver's Examination (extract)
... In Ipswich she was taken to the judgement hall to be examined by Dr Spenser, Chancellor of Norwich ... The Inquisition proceeded as follows, when Alice Driver smiled as she was brought in Spenser "Why, woman, dost thou laugh us to scorn?" Driver "Whether I do or no, I might well enough, to see what fools ye be ... never heard nor read of any such Sacrament in all the Scripture." Spenser "Why, what scriptures have you read?" Driver "I have, I thank God, read God's Book.. ...
Phaon (fiction) - Myth and History
... During The Faerie Queene's inception, Spenser worked as a civil servant, in “relative seclusion from the political and literary events of his day” (Craig 520) ... As Spenser labored in solitude, the Faerie Queene manifested within his mind, blending his experiences into the content of his craft ... Within his poem, Spenser explores human consciousness and conflict, relating to a variety of genres including 16th century Arthurian literature (Craig 522) ...
School Days (novel) - Plot Summary
... prep school in small-town Massachusetts leaves fifteen students and faculty dead, Spenser is hired by the grandmother of one of the alleged killers, a rich old lady who firmly believes in her grandson's ... Wherever Spenser turns, people are reluctant to co-operate with him, if not outright hostile ... The head of the school is concerned with the school's reputation, bans Spenser from the school premises, and prohibits students to talk to him should he accost them anywhere in town ...

Famous quotes containing the word spenser:

    Whether lying reastlesse in heavy bedde, or else
    Sitting so cheerelesse at the cheerfull boorde, or else
    Playing alone carelesse on hir heavenlie virginals.
    —Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)

    So let us love, dear Love, like as we ought;
    Love is the lesson which the Lord us taught.
    —Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)

    Dark is my day whiles her fair light I miss,
    And dead my life, that wants such lively bliss.
    —Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)