Southern Rhodesia - Evolution of Southern Rhodesia

Evolution of Southern Rhodesia

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History of Zimbabwe
Ancient history
Mapungubwe Kingdom c.1075–1220
Zimbabwe Kingdom c.1220–1450
Mutapa Kingdom c.1450–1760
Torwa dynasty c.1450–1683
Rozwi Empire c.1684–1834
Matabeleland 1838–1894
BSA Company rule 1890–1923
First Matabele War 1893–1894
Second Matabele War 1896–1897
Southern Rhodesia 1923–1965
World War II 1939–1945
Malayan Emergency 1948–1960
Federation 1953–1963
Rhodesian Bush War 1964–1979
Rhodesia 1965–1979
Zimbabwe Rhodesia 1979
S. Rhodesia dependency 1979–1980
Zimbabwe 1980–
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