Songs of Fredman

Songs of Fredman (Swedish: Fredmans sånger) is a collection of 65 poems and songs published in 1791 by the Swedish poet Carl Michael Bellman.

As a follow-up of Epistles of Fredman from the previous year, the book contains songs from a longer period. There are bible travesties ("Gubben Noak", "Gubben Loth och hans gamla Fru", "Joachim uti Babylon"), drinking songs ("Bacchi Proclama", "Til buteljen") and lyrical passages ("Haga (Fjäriln vingad)").

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Songs Of Fredman - Persons
... The songs portray a series of persons, mostly people lapsed into heavy drinking ... Named persons are Kolmodin (treasurer), Holmström, Nystedt (pub owner), Meissner (brewer), Steindecker (royal kettledrummer), Lundholm (brewer and distiller), Appelstubbe (customs officer), Österman (workshop owner), Halling (baker), Agrell (customs officer), Kämpendal, Nybom, Planberg, Joseph Israelson (student and poet) and Knapen (musician) ...

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    People fall out of windows, trees tumble down,
    Summer is changed to winter, the young grow old
    The air is full of children, statues, roofs
    And snow. The theatre is spinning round,
    Colliding with deaf-mute churches and optical trains.
    The most massive sopranos are singing songs of scales.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    And our sov’reign sole Creator
    Lives eternal in the sky,
    While we mortals yield to nature,
    Bloom awhile, then fade and die.
    —Unknown. “Hail ye sighing sons of sorrow,” l. 13-16, Social and Campmeeting Songs (1828)