Solvay may refer to

  • Ernest Solvay (1838-1922), Belgian chemist, industrialist and philanthropist; inventor of the Solvay process
  • Solvay process, a major industrial chemical process
  • Solvay (company), an international chemicals and plastics company founded by Ernest Solvay
  • Solvay Conference, founded by Ernest Solway; deals with open questions in physics and chemistry
  • Solvay Business School and Solvay Institute of Sociology, Brussels, Belgium, part of the Université Libre de Bruxelles


  • Solvay, New York, a village
    • Solvay Public Library, on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Solvay Mountains, Brabant Island, off the coast of Antarctica
  • Mount Solvay, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
  • 7537 Solvay, an asteroid

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Solvay Institute Of Sociology - Publication History - Notes Et Mémoires
... with the documents relating to the establishment of SIS, Solvay presented an essay, Note sur des formules d’introduction à l’énergétique physio- et psycho-sociologique (in-8°, 55 pages Bruxelles ... Four years later, Solvay reissued this essay as the first fascicule of the Institute's in-4° series of publications, Notes et Mémoires (Solvay 1902/1906) ... of this essay, though lauding the remarkable ends to which Solvay put his fortune — an example he wished others in France as well as in Belgium would follow — was highly critical One would be ...
Solvay Institute Of Sociology
... The Solvay Institute of Sociology assumed its first “definitive form” (Solvay 1902/1906 26) on November 16, 1902, when its founder Ernest Solvay, a wealthy Belgian chemist ... as that university’s Institute of Sociology, the approach instigated by Solvay and Waxweiler still serves as methodological framework a synergy between basic and ...
Leopold Park
... During the following years, a campus for the famous Solvay School of Commerce was established in the park but construction of additional buildings was soon ... to this day but only one still belongs to Solvay (and houses the Solvay Conference) ... The Library of Solvay is also located in the park and houses the think tanks Security Defence Agenda, Friends of Europe and Maison d'Europe ...
Solvay - See Also
... Solvay Castle, La Hulpe, Belgium Solvay Hut, on the Matterhorn Hôtel Solvay, a town house in Brussels, Belgium ...
Solvay Institute Of Sociology - Institutional History
... In 1894, Solvay established ISS (Gaspari 602 ... IS 2005) ... In addition, in 1897, Solvay gave to “the School of Political and Social Sciences annexed to the Université de Bruxelles, a sum sufficient to assure its existence over three ... from which they immediately derive” (Solvay 1902/1906 26), Solvay disbanded ISS in order to organize SIS along lines more directly and intimately attached to those of the Solvay ...