SMK St. Thomas - History - The Early Years (1848-1882)

The Early Years (1848-1882)

  • The missionaries, led by a priest-doctor, Francis Thomas McDougall, arrived in Sarawak on 29 June 1848.
  • On 5 August, Francis Thomas McDougall opened a Day School for boys in an empty house in town. The Home School was set up when James Brooke asked the Mission to adopt four Eurasian children.
  • In September 1848, the Rajah granted land situated east of the town to the mission. The Home School moved there in 1849. The Home School was developed into the two familiar schools in Kuching - St. Thomas' for boys and St. Mary's for girls.
  • The Main Building was opened by the Rajah James Brooke on 13 August 1886.
  • The new Assembly Hall was opened and blessed on the 30th of November 1927.
  • Building of four Boarding Houses was declared open by Mr. Justice Boyd, the Judicial Commissioner on 10 September 1929.
  • Francis Hollis, later Bishop of Labuan and Sarawak, was Principal of the School from 1928-1938.
  • The Cambridge Junior Certificate examnination was first taken in 1930, while in 1935, School Certificate examination was started.

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