Slavic Settlement of The Eastern Alps

Slavic Settlement Of The Eastern Alps

Slavic settlement of the Eastern Alps region was a historic process that took place between the 6th and 9th century AD, having culminated in the final quarter of the 6th century. During this period, the Eastern Alps, comprising the area of modern Slovenia and large parts of modern Austria (Carinthia, Styria, East Tyrol, Lower Austria and parts of Upper Austria) were settled by Slavic tribes. This settlement meant the beginning of the ethnogenesis of the Slovene people.

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Slavic Settlement Of The Eastern Alps - Slavs and The Aboriginal Population
... After settling in the Eastern Alps region, Slavs subsequently subjugated the aboriginal Romanised population which had dwelt in the territory of the former Noricum province ... In late antiquity, the aboriginal population evaded Slavic settlers by moving into remote and elevated places, usually hills, where they built ... Many aborigines were enslaved by the Slavs (an old Slavic term for slaves was krščenik, meaning a Christian, as the aborigines were Christians), some, however, assimilated with Slavs and thus enriched their culture ...

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