Sinhala may refer to:

  • Of or related to Sri Lanka
  • Sinhala people (or Sinhalese)
  • Sinhala language, one of the three official languages used in Sri Lanka
  • Sinhala alphabet, a writing system for the Sinhala language
    • Sinhala (Unicode block), a block of Sinhala characters in Unicode
  • Sinhala cuisine
  • Sinhala Kingdom, a Lankan kingdom mentioned in the Mahābhārata
  • "Sinhala", a track on the 1999 album The Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia

Other articles related to "sinhala":

Sinhala Slang
... Sinhala slang is used by the Sinhala speaking majority of Sri Lanka, and other Sinhala speaking individuals ...
Arisen Ahubudu
... Kalasuri Arisen Ahubudu (Sinhalaකලාසූරි අරිසෙන් අහුබුදු) (1920–2011) was a writer, orator, scholar, playwright ... he was a leader in the post independence renaissance in teaching of the Sinhala language and literary activities ... To promote the use of Sinhala at a time when prominence was given to English, he began a free correspondence course for students whom he had never met or seen ...
Sinhala Slang - Sinhala Dialects
... Sinhala dialects are the various minor variations of Sinhala language which is based on the locale (within Island of Sri Lanka) and the social classes and ... Sinhala is an Indo-Aryan language and exhibits a marked diglossia between the spoken and written forms ... This is not the case with Sinhala profanities ...
Sirisena Wimalaweera
... He made some of the first Sinhala films after the industry was begun by B ... Wimalaweera's films attempted to stay true to Sinhala history and culture and are considered a step forward in Sinhala cinema ...