Singapore Math Method

Singapore Math Method

In the United States, 'Singapore Math is a teaching method based on the primary textbooks and syllabus from the national curriculum of Singapore. These textbooks have a consistent and strong emphasis on problem solving and model drawing, with a focus on in-depth understanding of the essential math in the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics), the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, and the proposed Common Core State Standards.

Explanations of math concepts are often just a few words in a cartoon balloon so that students can read it easily. The method has become more popular since the release of scores from the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study in 2003 showed Singapore at the top of the world in 4th and 8th grade mathematics. This was the third study by the NCES, and the 2007 TIMSS was released in December 2008.

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Singapore Math Method - Other Issues and Observations
... Alignment with state standards Singapore Math emphasizes the essential math skills recommended in the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics), the ... The US-adapted versions also include extra math topics that are currently popular in state math standards, but the textbooks try to use even these topics as a vehicle for teaching essential/c ... all of that state’s objectives, and they typically treat extra math topics as the primary focus of the chapters devoted to those topics ...

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