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GA-2 was composed of four women from the start of the first episode, and is seen first through the eyes of Tsukahara Sawako (the fifth woman to join GA-2).

1. Chinatsu Tsuboi (坪井千夏, Tsuboi Chinatsu?) is the tallest person in GA-2 and is also often their leader. She is responsible for carrying the ladder which GA-2 uses for fixing lightbulbs. Her uniform skirt is shorter than those of the other women in GA-2. Chinatsu believes that a woman's worth is determined by how many men she "conquers", or sleeps with (Episode 1). Before she entered Manpan Corporation, she used to work as a nightclub hostess (episode 1).

2. Kana Miyashita (宮下佳奈, Miyashita Kana?) has a past which few people know about. She is often not seen having lunch with her fellow GA-2 colleagues in the company canteen, for she spends lunch hour with different male high-ranking executives of the company. In episode 6 of the first season, it is revealed that Kana was the tenth mistress of Manpan's late president, and that he sent her expensive gifts of jewelry.

3. Azusa Tokunaga (徳永あずさ, Tokunaga Azusa?) is the second oldest employee in GA-2, after Section Chief Inoue. Nobody in GA-2 seems to remember how she ended up in GA-2. She is responsible for making announcements as well as drawing up the daily company routines of GA-2. Highly interested in stock investments. Azusa is also trying to find a husband, and once slipped a personals ad into the folder of a high powered executive.

4. Rie Himukai (日向リエ, Himukai Rie?) is the quirkiest of the GA-2 members. Her mother sells antiques and her father has a photocopy store. She has a night job as a fortune teller at night after work at GA-2 - and her predictions are never wrong. Her foresight often sparks an entire episode, depending on GA-2's interpretation on her prediction. Much of her comic appeal comes from her deadpan delivery.

5. Sawako Tsukahara (塚原佐和子, Tsukuhara Sawako?) is the youngest (at age 21) employee in GA-2, and is very incompetent at getting the job done correctly due to her extremely simple and innocent manner. After knocking down the president of Manpan Corporation in an elevator lobby (as the result of a fight between her and a woman in an elevator) she was posted to GA-2. She is in love with Mr. Ukyo, and Azusa labels her to be 'ambitious'.

6. Ume Maruhashi (丸橋梅, Maruhashi Ume?) At the end of the third episode, she became the sixth member of GA-2. She attended elementary school with Chinatsu, and is one of the few people who can get Chinatsu visibly angry. In episode 7, Ume tells Sawako she remembers Chinatsu as "...a big crybaby who got nicknamed Gassy Chinatsu." Highly ambitious, she is learning several languages (such as Arabic) and aims to leave GA-2 as soon as she can. She is a computer analyst, and speacializes in acquiring information.

Each of the twelve episodes usually focuses on the developments of one character of Shomuni. Each episode is independent of another, except for the season's finale.

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