Serbian may refer to:

  • Serbia
  • Serbians, citizens of Serbia
  • Serbs, members of the Serb ethnic group
  • Serbian language, the official language of Serbia
  • Serbian cuisine
  • Serbian diaspora, emigrants of Serbia and their descendants, and Serbs living abroad

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Novi Kneževac - Name
... The name of the town originates in the Serbian word "knez" ("prince" in English), and the full meaning of the name is "the prince's new place" in English ... The city's name in various languages include Serbian Novi Kneževac or Нови Кнежевац, Hungarian Törökkanizsa, Romanian Noul Cnezat, Croatian Novi Kneževac, and German Neu-Kanischa ... The older Serbian names used for the town were Turska Kanjiža (Турска Кањижа), Mala Kanjiža (Мала Кањижа) and Nova Kanjiža (Нова Кањижа) ...
Bojan Dimitrijević (politician)
... Bojan Dimitrijević (born in 1963 in Gornji Milanovac) was Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Services in the Cabinet of Serbia (2004–2007) ... He was a member of Vuk Drašković's Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO) ... During the breakup of SPO into SPO and Serbian Democratic Renewal Movement (SDPO) Dimitrijevic did not take a side ...
Serbian Orthodox Church
... The Serbian Orthodox Church (Serbian Српска православна црква / Srpska pravoslavna crkva) is one of the autocephalous Orthodox Christian churches ... The Serbian Orthodox Church is the dominant church in Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with more than 84% of the population being adherents in all three ... Since many Serbs have emigrated to foreign countries, there are now Serbian Orthodox communities worldwide ...
Temes County - Subdivisions
... Buziaş) Csák Csák (Romanian Ciacova) Detta Detta (Romanian Deta) Fehértemplom Fehértemplom (Serbian Bela Crkva) Kevevára Kevevára (Serbian Kovin) Központ Temesvár (Romanian Timişoara ...
Serbian Orthodox Church - Art and Architecture - Church Architecture - Serbo-Byzantine Style
... By the end of 13th and in the first half of 14th century the Serbian state enlarged over Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly up to the Aegean Sea ... On these new territories Serbian art was even more influenced by the Byzantine art tradition ... which was entirely rebuilt by King Milutin in 1321, is the most beautiful monument of Serbian architecture from the 14th century ...