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Alice Fulton - Works
... Sensual Math introduced Fulton's invention of the double-equal or bride sign (see Poetics below) ... Writing about Sensual Math, Larissa Szporluk asserted that "Fulton's acoustic signals reign, giving the impression that behind their creation lies some kind of unimaginable ... nowhere is the music of Fulton's poetry more stirring than in Sensual Math." Sensual Math contained a long sequence "reimagining Daphne and Apollo." Donald Riggs writes helpfully about Fulton ...
Alice Fulton - Poetics - Quotes
... come out into the open in the poem entitled '= =.' " Sensual Math contains a number of poems that deploy and define her "bride sign." As with all of Fulton's books, including her fiction and ... One critic predicted that "Sensual Math might well come to be seen as one of the most significant volumes of the 1990s." ...

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