Saudi Arabian Passport - Passport Issuance Procedures

Passport Issuance Procedures

Before an applicant is issued a passport he must sign his name. If an applicant is a woman or an unmarried minor under age 21, a male guardian is also required to sign their passport to authorise the aspirant passport holder to travel abroad. The male guardian sign his dependant's passport in person. An applicant also must show a national ID card. In case of women and unmarried minors, an applicant also must bring their family ID card. The passport photo must be taken whilst the applicant is in normal Saudi attire. The photo must be 4" x 6" in size. An applicant must fill the form in both Arabic and English. If the applicant is a woman or unmarried minor under age of 21, the male guardian also must sign their form. They must pay the passport fee of 150 Saudi riyals (USD $40).

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