• (noun): French writer and existentialist philosopher (1905-1980).
    Synonyms: Jean-Paul Sartre

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The Transcendence Of The Ego
... and psychological essay written by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1934 and published in 1936 ... The essay demonstrates Sartre’s transition from traditional phenomenological thinking and most notably his break from Edmund Husserl’s school of thought ... This transition is more apparent after Sartre’s military service from 1939 where we observe a rather more sympathetic view of being in the world, a topic that is dealt with in much greater detail in his 1943 ...
The Transcendence Of The Ego - Overview
... numbers, value, the psyche, and psycho-physical person that Sartre agreed should be studied in their own right ... It was also Sartre's view, that differed from Husserl's, that 'intentional objects' are consciousness, and that the value of intended stuffs was in ... Sartre describes the cogito by noting that 'the consciousness which says I think'—this is to the consciousness that can reflect on the mental concept ...
Meaning (existential) - Sartre
... Sartre, who was an atheist, believed that if there is no God to have conceived of our essence or nature, then we must come into existence first, and then create our own essence out of interaction with ...
Pour Soi - Overview - Part 3, Chapter 1: The Look - Sex
... "The look", Sartre explains, is the basis for sexual desire Sartre declares that there is not a biological motivation for sex ... Instead, "double reciprocal incarnation", is a form of mutual awareness which Sartre takes to be at the heart of the sexual experience ... This involves the mutual recognition of subjectivity of some sort, as Sartre describes "I make myself flesh in order to impel the Other to realize for herself and for me her own ...
The Reprieve
... Le sursis) is a 1947 novel by Jean-Paul Sartre ... Works of Jean-Paul Sartre Novels and short stories Nausea (1938) The Wall (1939) The Age of Reason (1945) The Reprieve (1945) In The Mesh (1948) Troubled Sleep (194 ...

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    The Frenchman Jean-Paul ... Sartre I remember now was his last name had a dialectical mind good as a machine for cybernetics, immense in its way, he could peel a nuance like an onion, but he had no sense of evil, the anguish of God, and the possible existence of Satan.
    Norman Mailer (b. 1923)