Ribbon Knot

In the mathematical area of knot theory, a ribbon knot is a knot that bounds a self-intersecting disk with only ribbon singularities. Intuitively, this kind of singularity can be formed by cutting a slit in the disk and passing another part of the disk through the slit. More formally, this type of singularity is a self-intersection along an arc; the preimage of this arc consists of two arcs in the disc, one completely in the interior of the disk and the other having its two endpoints on the disk boundary.

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Ribbon Knot - Slice-ribbon Conjecture
... Every ribbon knot is known to be a slice knot ... problem, posed by Ralph Fox and known as the slice-ribbon conjecture, asks if the converse is true is every slice knot ribbon? Lisca (2007) showed that ... Greene Jabuka (2011) showed it to be true for three-strand pretzel knots ...

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