Request For Admissions

A request for admissions (sometimes also called a request to admit) are a set of statements sent from one litigant to an adversary, for the purpose of having the adversary admit or deny the statements or allegations therein. Requests for admissions are part of the discovery process in a civil case. In the U.S. federal court system, they are governed by Rule 36 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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Request For Admissions - Purpose of Procedure
... Requests for admissions help narrow the scope of the controversy by getting certain admissions or denials of issues relevant to the lawsuit on record before a trial takes ... While evidence introduced at trial can be rebutted, admissions which are on record must be taken as true unless the judge permits them to be withdrawn or amended ... Thus, requests for admission can obviate the need for presentation of some evidence and make the actual trial shorter and more efficient ...

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