Remade - Remade Animals

Remade Animals

Animals too are sometimes Remade in Bas-Lag to suit human purposes. For example, the New Crobuzon Militia uses both Remade horses and rhinoceroses, the latter known as "nashorns", gigantic two-story creatures with drilling horns and gunnery attached to their backs. In Iron Council, a militia strike force is transported via a cathedral-sized Remade fish.

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Famous quotes containing the words animals and/or remade:

    Error has made animals into men; is truth in a position to make men into animals again?
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    I thought I never wanted to be a father. A child seemed to be a series of limitations and responsibilities that offered no reward. But when I experienced the perfection of fatherhood, the rest of the world remade itself before my eyes.
    Kent Nerburn (20th century)