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Gingerphobia - Culture - Prejudice and Discrimination Against Redheads - Modern-day Discrimination
... the people, is almost as inveterate as the prejudice against red hair." In modern-day UK, the words "ginger" or "ginga" are sometimes used to describe red-headed people (and are at ... from a tribunal after being sexually harassed and receiving abuse because of her red hair a family in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, was forced to move ... suicide after being bullied for having red hair ...
Gingerphobia - Geographic Distribution - Modern
... Today, red hair is most commonly found at the northern and western fringes of Europe it is associated particularly with the people located in the United Kingdom and in. 13 percent (13%) of the population has red hair and approximately 40 percent (40%) carries the recessive redhead gene ... the second highest percentage as many as 10 percent (10%) of the Irish population has red, auburn, or strawberry blond hair ...
Ang Mo
... It literally means "red-haired" and originates from Hokkien (Min Nan) ... similar terms include ang mo kow 紅毛猴 (red-haired monkeys), ang mo kui 紅毛鬼子 (red-haired devil), ang mo lang 紅毛人 (red-haired people) ...
Ang Mo - Etymology and History
... Taiwan and built Fort Santo Domingo in Tamsui, Taiwan, also known as "City of the Red-Haired" (Chinese 紅毛城 pinyin hóng máo chéng Pe̍h-ōe-j ... that, Dutch people were known in Taiwan as "Ang mo lang 紅毛人" (red-haired people) in Taiwanese Hokkien ... This is most likely because red hair is a common trait among the Dutch ...

Famous quotes containing the word red:

    The A B C of being,
    The ruddy temper, the hammer
    Of red and blue, the hard sound
    Steel against intimation the sharp flash,
    The vital, arrogant, fatal, dominant X.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)