Quarndon is a linear village in the English county of Derbyshire. It is due north of, and slightly separate from, the City of Derby's suburb of Allestree. Formerly it was notable for its chalybeate springs that were at the well and in the grounds of neighbouring Kedleston Hall. Defoe wrtites "In our way we past an antient seat, large, but not very gay, of Sir Nathaniel Curson, a noted and (for wealth) over great family, for many ages inhabitants of this county. Hence we kept the Derwent on our right-hand, but kept our distance, the waters being out; for the Derwent is a frightful creature when the hills load her current with water; I say, we kept our distance, and contented our selves with hearing the roaring of its waters, till we came to Quarn or Quarden. a little ragged, but noted village, where there is a famous chalybeat spring, to which abundance of people go in the season to drink the water, as also a cold bath."

Heritage Lottery funding has allowed a history of Quarndon to be written and published and copies distributed free of charge to Quarndon householders. Quarndon has an amateur dramatics society which has been performing plays in the village hall since 1941.