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Scrooby Congregation
... Puritan History Narrative History History of the Puritans under Elizabeth I History of the Puritans under James I History of the Puritans under Charles I History of the Puritans from 1649 ...
History Of The Puritans - See
... History of the Puritans under Elizabeth I, 1558–1603 History of the Puritans under James I, 1603–1625 History of the Puritans under Charles I, 1625–1649 History of the ...
List Of Puritans
... The Puritans were originally members of a group of English Protestants seeking "purity", further reforms or even separation from the established church, during ... The majority of people in this list were mainstream Puritans, adhering strictly to the doctrine of Predestination ...
Christmas In Puritan New England - Legacy
... the celebration of Christmas were repealed in 1681, but staunch Puritans continued to regard the day as an abomination ... Following Andros' overthrow, however, the Puritan view reasserted itself and shops remained open for business as usual on Christmas with goods such as hay and wood ... With such an onus placed upon Christmas, non-Puritans in colonial New England made no attempt to celebrate the day ...
Christmas In Puritan New England - The Puritan View of Christmas
... In Puritans at Play (1995), Bruce Colin Daniels writes "Christmas occupied a special place in the ideological religious warfare of Reformation Europe ... promoted the Feast of the Nativity as a major religious holiday, the Puritans attacked it as "residual Papist idolatry" ... Puritans heaped contempt on Christmas, Daniels writes, calling it 'Foolstide' and suppressing any attempts to celebrate it for several reasons ...

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    One wonders that the tithing-men and fathers of the town are not out to see what the trees mean by their high colors and exuberance of spirits, fearing that some mischief is brewing. I do not see what the Puritans did at this season, when the maples blaze out in scarlet. They certainly could not have worshiped in groves then. Perhaps that is what they built meeting-houses and fenced them round with horse-sheds for.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    [17th-century] Puritans were the first modern parents. Like many of us, they looked on their treatment of children as a test of their own self-control. Their goal was not to simply to ensure the child’s duty to the family, but to help him or her make personal, individual commitments. They were the first authors to state that children must obey God rather than parents, in case of a clear conflict.
    C. John Sommerville (20th century)

    What the Puritans gave the world was not thought, but action.
    Wendell Phillips (1811–1884)