Propagation can refer to:

  • Reproduction, and other forms of multiplication or increase
    • Plant propagation, the production of more plants by seeds, cuttings, grafting or other methods
    • Propagation of schema, in artificial reproduction
  • Wave propagation, The motion of a wave throughout a medium or the transfer of its energy
  • Radio propagation, the application of wave propagation to radio communications
  • Software propagation, the distribution of free software in a manner explicitly permitted under the applicable license
  • Propaganda

Other articles related to "propagation":

Mathematical Descriptions Of Opacity - Complex Wavenumber, Propagation Constant
... related approach, especially common in the theory of transmission lines, uses the propagation constant where is the propagation constant ... Comparing the two equations, the propagation constant and complex wavenumber are related by (where the * denotes complex conjugation), or more ... For example, is sometimes called "propagation constant" instead of, which swaps the real and imaginary parts ...
Chamaelirium Luteum - Cultivation - Planting
... For propagation through root division the rhizomes can be divided by cutting them into pieces of 1/4 inch (6mm) ... For propagation through seeds, the seeds should be sown in late Fall or early Winter to a depth of 1/8 inch (3 mm) in breeding beds with high humus content ... Then they can be transplanted as for the propagation method through root division ...
Subwavelength-diameter Optical Fibre - Light Propagation in SDF
... Light propagation in an SDF is governed by different propagation equations as in a usual optical fibre ...
Liriope Spicata - Propagation
... Creeping lilyturf is easily reproduced by dividing the root mass and rhizomes ... The optimum time to do this is during the dormant season before onset of new growth ...
Supershear Earthquake - Rupture Propagation Velocity
... Typically the focus lies towards one end of the slip surface and much of the propagation is unidirectional (e.g ... Theoretical studies have in the past suggested that the upper bound for propagation velocity is that of Rayleigh waves, approximately 0.92 of the shear wave ... However, evidence of propagation at velocities between S-wave and P-wave values have been reported for several earthquakes in agreement with theoretical and ...