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Polish Resettlement Act 1947 - Yalta
... The Polish II Corps was instrumental in the Allied defeat of the Germans in North Africa and Italy, and its members hoped to return to Kresy in an independent and democratic Poland at the end of the War ... Soviet gains that Adolf Hitler had endorsed in the Nazi-Soviet Pact, including Kresy, and carry out Polish population transfers (1944–1946) ... had agreed that tens of thousands of veteran Polish troops under British command should lose their Kresy homes to the Soviet Union, with the implication that relatives including wives and children would ...
Lwów Pogrom (1918) - The Pogrom
... the disarming and interning of the Jewish militia by the Polish army, Polish troops, including some officers, civilians, criminals, and Polish militia volunteers began the sacking, pillaging and burning of the town's ... Ukrainian soldiers retreated a festive mood came over the Polish fighters as they anticipated their reward for their fighting - the looting of Jewish stores and homes ... In addition to looting and killing, women were raped by the Polish mobs ...
Polish Armed Forces In The West - General History
... In early 1940 a Polish Highland Brigade took part in the Battles of Narvik in Norway ... A Polish Independent Carpathian Brigade was formed in the French Mandate of Syria, to which many Polish troops had escaped from Poland ... The Polish Air Force in France comprised 86 aircraft in four squadrons, one and a half of the squadrons being fully operational while the rest were in various stages of training ...
Romanian Bridgehead
... The Romanian Bridgehead (Polish Przedmoście rumuńskie) was an area in southeastern Poland, now located in Ukraine ... the Invasion of Poland of 1939 (at the start of World War II), on September 14 the Polish Commander in Chief Marshal of Poland Edward Rydz-Śmigły ordered all Polish troops fighting east of the ... The plan was a fall back plan in case it was impossible to defend the Polish borders, and assumed that the Polish forces would be able to retreat to the area, organise a successful defence until the winter, and hold ...
Invasion Of Poland - Prelude To The Campaign
... Hitler at first pursued a policy of rapprochement with Poland, trying to improve German–Polish relations, culminating in the German–Polish Non-Aggression Pact of ... because the German exclave of East Prussia was separated from the rest of the Reich by the "Polish Corridor" ... built in order to connect East Prussia with Germany proper, running through the Polish Corridor ...

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