Offensive may refer to:

  • Offensive, the former name of the Dutch political party Socialist Alternative
  • Offensive (military), an attack

Other articles related to "offensive":

Brusilov Offensive
... The Brusilov Offensive (Russian Брусиловский прорыв Brusilovskiĭ proryv), also known as the June Advance, was the Russian Empire's greatest feat of arms during World War I, and among ... Tunstall of the University of South Florida called the Brusilov Offensive of 1916 the worst crisis of World War I for Austria-Hungary and the Triple Entente's greatest victory ... It was a major offensive against the armies of the Central Powers on the Eastern Front, launched on June 4, 1916, and lasting until late September ...
Ed Budde - Kansas City Chiefs
... went on to play for the Chiefs for 14 years as the left offensive guard, longer than any other Chief except for punter Jerrel Wilson by one year ... At the heart of the Chiefs’ offensive line with Jim Tyrer at left offensive tackle, his overpowering presence helped the Chiefs win two American Football League ... Budde was the first offensive lineman to be selected by the Associated Press as an Offensive Player of the Week ...
2000 Kansas City Chiefs Season - Personnel - Staff
... Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Backs – Willie Shaw Offensive Coaches Offensive Coordinator – Jimmy Raye Quarterbacks – Tom Clements Running Backs – Al Lavan Wide Receivers – Richard Mann Tight Ends ...
1939–1940 Winter Offensive
... The 1939–40 Winter Offensive was one of the major engagements between the National Revolutionary Army and Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War ... According to a western historian, the offensive was a fiasco, "destroyed what confidence Nationalist forces had left and reconfirmed their prior reluctance ... However, other studies have shown that the offensive came as heavy blow to the Japanese forces, and came as a massive shock to the Japanese military command, which did not expect the ...
2000 New York Jets Season - Personnel - Staff
... Coach – Al Groh Assistant Head Coach/Running Backs – Maurice Carthon Offensive Coaches Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks – Dan Henning Wide ...

Famous quotes containing the word offensive:

    How much atonement is enough? The bombing must be allowed as at least part-payment: those of our young people who are concerned about the moral problem posed by the Allied air offensive should at least consider the moral problem that would have been posed if the German civilian population had not suffered at all.
    Clive James (b. 1939)

    I abide by a rule concerning reviews: I will never ask, neither in writing nor in person, that a word be put in about my book.... One feels cleaner this way. When someone asks that his book be reviewed he risks running up against a vulgarity offensive to authorial sensibilities.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)

    Uses are always much broader than functions, and usually far less contentious. The word function carries overtones of purpose and propriety, of concern with why something was developed rather than with how it has actually been found useful. The function of automobiles is to transport people and objects, but they are used for a variety of other purposes—as homes, offices, bedrooms, henhouses, jetties, breakwaters, even offensive weapons.
    Frank Smith (b. 1928)