NMA may refer to:

  • National Management Association
  • National Mapping Agency
  • National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth
  • National Meat Association
  • National Medical Association
  • National Memorial Arboretum
  • National Mining Association
  • National Motorists Association
  • National Movie Awards
  • National Museum of Australia
  • Nederlandse Mededingingsautoriteit, the Netherlands Competition Authority
  • Nepal Mountaineering Association
  • Network Management Application
  • Neue Mozart-Ausgabe
  • New Media Age - British new media magazine
  • New Media Art - Art genre
  • New Model Army
  • New Model Army (band)
  • Next Media Animation A Taiwanese political CGI company
  • Nigerian Medical Association
  • North Mississippi Allstars - (Band)
  • Northumberland Miners' Association
  • Nottinghamshire Miners' Association

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